Saturday, February 26

To DO, oh to DO....

My do do list for today:
1. Go to the gym and get back into my routine. It has been lost ever since my Tahoe trip with the guys. So help me!
2. Find a Reggae music channel on the music choices and listen to it all day and each morning I wake up to remind me that Spring is coming and Summer will follow. I need this to get me in the mood to get my body in shape for these seasons! (Which, to my dissatisfaction, will lead to me wearing a bathing suit. GASP).
3. Going along with the current theme of today, I need to start tanning. Unhealthy, I know, I know, but I'm doing it in moderation this year because I need a little color oomph, but I don't want to totally damage my skin as I feel I have in the past.
4. This is totally random, but I want to start knitting a scarf. A big chunky oatmeal colored cowl scarf that will wrap around my neck just so.
5. And last (maybe not last, who knows) but not least. Job. Yes, the "J" word. Let's find one.
6. Ok, and now last. I am spray painting a bottle that I thought looked cool. It's drying right now and I have no idea what I'm doing with it yet. But does anyone know those the jars used for Trader Joe's Balsamic Vinegar---the jug looking bottles with the handle. Quite big. Anyways, that's the one i'm using.

Beautiful Day today. Maybe tan worthy, despite the 45 degree air! The sun is hot :D

Thursday, February 24

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

{Sweater: boutique in S.Lake Tahoe, Jeggings: American Eagle, Boots: Minnetonka}

-Scraping every last bit of smoothie out of the blender. Nom.
-Working out in the gym while the treadmill repair guy is there!
-My fingers smelling of cilantro last night.
-My cat walking all over the table.
-Not having a job yet.
-Chasing a Macy's sales woman around this rather large pillar to ask her where I can pick up an know, where you both go the same direction and can't find each other within a 6 foot radius. Ya. Awkward.
-My stomach growling
-Finally figuring out how to style my hair the right way!
-The new Sushi restaurant my brother and I found
-My new Minnetonka Boots. I am in L-O-V-E with them.
-The fact that it's going to SNOW on Friday or Saturday in the Bay Area...say what????!
-The fact that when it does snow, I will be sledding down the back hill like a 5-year old.
-Last weekend in Tahoe with my boyfriend and his friends. Yep, that most definitely makes the awesome list.
-My latest bottle project. So pretty still.

Wednesday, February 23

Pretty White Bottle Project

First, I want to thank the lovely Aura at Aura j o o n for this BRILLIANT idea!! Seriously, this creation just draws people to it and makes them admire it! It's SO easy yet so beautiful all in one. I really had fun shopping for the items and putting it together. I love projects like this, when I move I plan on filling my new apartment with beautiful crafty things like this, they make me happy :)
Second, you will need:
-A few empty bottles
-Pretty flowers of your choice
The bottles will go from this to this.
I used the same paint that Aura used, and it was perfect. I sprayed the bottles with about 3 coats. It's a slightly creamy white. Not pure white at all. It's warm and is called "heirloom white" and has a satin finish. Simply love it. I now want to spray other things with it too!!
Then add some beautiful flowers and call it done! I found these cherry blossoms, and they were wilting and dying in the car on the way home. What's wrong flowers? You didn't like being shoved into the carpet of my car for a ride? Psh. But all they wanted was some water and they perked right up and became lush again.
<3 K

Tuesday, February 15

So I took a little break...

I have been on a little break because I was spending Friday thru Monday up at Tahoe because my boyfriend and friends from Salt Lake city came to visit and go skiing and boarding! It was a BLAST. {A future post on this trip can be expected!!}. So apparently a huge "super storm" is supposed to be entering the area here at home & in Tahoe, leaving us with 3 much needed feet of snow! Fun time/boyfriends birthday/Valentines day were all squeezed into this short little vacation. Because of Valentines day our house back home is now basically a floral shop! So pretty and fresh however.

Tuesday, February 8


What can I say I really love their bag!! It just makes an outfit.....well....COMPLETE. I would wear it to the city, I would wear it to the mall, I would wear it to the movies, I would wear it on a date with my boyfriend, hell I'd wear it in the shower!! (just kidding, that might be destructive to this beautiful bag). Anyways, you get my drift.
You can email them at wait-list[at] lovetheit [dot] com. to get on the wait-list to hear about what products they have.
The WEBSITE is coming soon.
Follow them on FACEBOOK.
Lovely Sydney at The Daybook owns this bag and has alerted me about her $150 gift card giveaway for THEIT! I am so excited.
......Whew! That was a lot of linking.

Monday, February 7


Thank you!
I have BIG thank you for Sweet Green Tangerine for the:
AND ohrenee*design for the:
So now, to continue the tradition, 7 things about me (haha).
1. I am a AZ Wildcat for life.
2. I wish I had a twin sister.
3. I wish I had any sister.
4. I wish I could see the future.
5. I live near San Francisco.
6. I can do my own acrylic nails!
7. I love my kitty :)

Now my blog awards:
Stylish Blog Award:
2. The Joy of Living
3. Piece of Cake. Peace of Mind

Versatile Blogger Award:
1. Rock Beauty. Love Fashion. Live Life. Be you!
2. Ms. Vagabond
3. Lulapalooza


left my heart in San Francisco...

no really. I did. I went for the morning yesterday. It's so weird because I have always told myself that I would never ever live in the city and that I thought it was dirty and didn't like it. But now i love it. I currently live 20-30 minutes from the city and don't take advantage of it enough!!! I've recently gone to the city a few times to visit my 90-year-old great aunt who's in the hospital (sad). I just love the quaintness of all the buildings and the intricate architectural work. Not to mention the weather was just amazing!! It was so clear and in the mid 70's, that's warm for even summertime! The people on the streets are all just so stylish and every inch of the sidewalks with their beautiful buildings and greenery are PERFECT for photography and outfit posts! Not to mention, the shopping was amazing. I can't say enough. Each nook and cranny is filled with either an adorably, yet slightly overpriced, clothing boutique, or an elegant and delicious french cafe, greek restaurant, pub, or even frozen yogurt. God my eyes have opened to what the city can really be like!
San Fran I will be frequenting you often!!

Saturday, February 5

some photos i've been taking...

To Do for today:
-Apply for more jobs
-Seek out auto body shops that are A. Open today, and B. Cheaper than the other places i've been to. (Seriously?? $1,500 for a dent the size of an orange?)
-Seek out restaurants that need servers (TIPS!)
-Try to enjoy today aside from the stress that's already in the air.
-Call boyfriend
-Shop?? Gotta use that Nordstroms gift card right? I can probably squeeze this in between looking for server jobs, what-do-ya think?
I think that should fill my day. Doesn't sound exciting what so ever. Meh. Who wants to day swap me??


Friday, February 4

friday, friday!

Cardigan: Charlotte Russe, Shirt: Papaya (the closest to it), Boots: Steve Madden
So it's Friday and I don't know why that matters to me because I don't have a job yet! So every day is a Friday for me. Oh so tough being a recent college grad....jk! It's nice for now until I get that strenuous boring 9-5 job right?? Hopefully I can get one that is what I enjoy. Something that can actually make me happy when I wake up. Or at least as happy as a job can make you. I will continue that job hunt right after this!
I am also headed back to Tahoe this afternoon, but I must hit the gym first! Sorry this post is so boring.

Thursday, February 3

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- Weighing myself on my scale after a month of working out and not seeing one pound dropped! Are you broken scale?? I think so.
-Thinking the father of the kids you are babysitting is talking to you until you look up and see he has headphones/handsfree on and is dealing with a work conversation.
-Tucson (where I am not) being sooooo cold lately! This is Arizona right? It't 18 degrees. New record since 1910.
-Pipes freezing in Tucson and not being able to shower or brush teeth. Sorry friends!
-My brown-in-the-middle banana.
-People thinking my mom and I are sisters.
-Not having a job yet and having totally free days. I guess this could go in the Awesome haha.
-Maury that is playing in the background, I really should change that.
-Auto body shops giving me $1,200 - $1,500 quotes to fix the dent in my new car :( Which I didn't do.

-It's Thursday and almost Friday which is almost Tahoe again. Ski time.
-Doing my OWN acrylic nails. For free! (Well the kit was $10, but hey)
-My great Aunt doing way better than expected in the hospital.
-The frozen fountain picture from Tempe, Az that my brother sent this morning. Looks like it was still flowing when it froze!
-My morning coffee and Claritin/rockstar.
-The thought that I will be finally seeing weight loss results soon and can look forward to Spring and Summer, rather than dread it.
-The Stereo Love pandora station for working out.
-Dr. Oz's weight loss episode.

Wednesday, February 2

So I've been testing out my miniature effect...

and it's pretty cool! it creates a fake looking scene. Such as little toy figures. It blurs the top and bottom of your photo to give it this effect. So while skiing in Tahoe last weekend I tried it out a lot. And here are some of the results. I also have a Macro effect which magnifies things up close and gives them'll see these too :)

BONUS: So I updated my frustrating "Grrrr" Post (Thanks to Roxy at Rock Beauty. Love Fashion. Live Life. Be You! for reminding me to do so). I have overcome most of the problems I had 2 weeks ago when I started this blog (I have lots more to still work on and achieve of course!)

So check out This Post because I updated it with some answers and insights!! Yay.

excuse me

Sorry for not posting in a few days... consider this my I Owe You. My 90 year old great Aunt has been in the hospital so I have been back and forth to San Fran for a little bit and I'm also a little bit distracted. So BRB until my next post! Love.