Monday, February 7

left my heart in San Francisco...

no really. I did. I went for the morning yesterday. It's so weird because I have always told myself that I would never ever live in the city and that I thought it was dirty and didn't like it. But now i love it. I currently live 20-30 minutes from the city and don't take advantage of it enough!!! I've recently gone to the city a few times to visit my 90-year-old great aunt who's in the hospital (sad). I just love the quaintness of all the buildings and the intricate architectural work. Not to mention the weather was just amazing!! It was so clear and in the mid 70's, that's warm for even summertime! The people on the streets are all just so stylish and every inch of the sidewalks with their beautiful buildings and greenery are PERFECT for photography and outfit posts! Not to mention, the shopping was amazing. I can't say enough. Each nook and cranny is filled with either an adorably, yet slightly overpriced, clothing boutique, or an elegant and delicious french cafe, greek restaurant, pub, or even frozen yogurt. God my eyes have opened to what the city can really be like!
San Fran I will be frequenting you often!!


Savannah said...

I absolutely love San Fransisco. The buildings are so beautiful! I love these photos!! So sorry about your Aunt :(

Ramsey said...

How beautiful are these pictures?!? Fabulous!

20 York Street said...

I so feel you hun.. I am in love with San Francisco that I'd move there if I can!

It is so beautiful, there are so much to see and the people are great!


20 York Street

Angel said...

Beautiful San Fran :)