Tuesday, April 5

Off the Beaten Path

Lately, for months now, I have accepted the fact and realized that my life is about to take a turn, like a complete 180. So, things have been fine, but, since yesterday the thoughts and worries have built up again so I decided to take a different path on my walk today, the unbeaten one (literally). And I realized that it was somewhat symbolic. Symbolic in a way that I came across some very pretty and unexpected things on my walk that I really enjoyed. Blissful, beautiful serene sights. I have been unsteady about some things lately (and my dreams of tornadoes hitting my house sure explain how I'm feeling inside). And finding these things have shown me that beautiful things can happen if you veer from your normal path in life and go out of your comfort zone. And let me tell you! I was for sure out of my comfort zone going off into the barely there paths in the hills behind my neighborhood in fear of rattle snakes, cows, coyotes and even mountain lions!! I think my squirrel count got to like 22...there were lots of them. But once I just went with my gut I realized I wasn't harmed and actually finished the walk with some beautiful photos! So lesson taken.


Monday, March 14

Fleur De Sel Caramels

YUM. These are delicious! You can't just have one unfortunately! I got this awesome recipe HERE BUT READ THIS! --> YOU MUST ADD SMOKED FLAKE SEA SALT TO THE TOP! I repeat you mussssssst add smoked flake sea salt to the top. It is crucial to the taste and don't go easy on it!
First, you need to line the pan with parchment or wax paper, I cut a size that would fit my pan perfectly and then rubbed a stick of butter underneath the paper to get it to stick and then also covered the top of the paper with butter to keep the caramel from sticking.

When cooking the caramels (follow the directions precisely) the caramel will go from a lighter color to a darker brown.
After it's done cooking you will transfer it to your greased pan and allow to cool a little bit until it is a little bit more viscous, and THEN add a good amount of smoked sea salt. It is important that the sea salt is the flakey kind and not too rock like.
Then after letting it cool until it is hard (to room temperature although I kept putting it in the fridge for 10 minute periods, being very careful to not let it get too hard) take it out of the pan and onto a cutting sheet. I used a pizza cutter to cut it which worked quite well.
Then, at the grocery store I found this AWESOME Martha Stewart wrap to wrap the caramels in! It has foil for the outside and parchment paper on the inside to keep them from sticking to the foil! Genius!!!
I cut the Martha Wrap into little squares big enough to wrap each little piece in. And let me tell you, wrapping them takes practice!! And this recipe makes sooo many pieces that it's kind of a tedious job hahaha but well worth it my friends!
It makes so many!

Monday, March 7

Homemade Oreos

These are dangerous!!! They are so delicious it's insane. They're SO delicious that I had to ship the rest of them off to the boyfriend......until I remembered that he doesn't like chocolate, nor does he like homemade cookies. What??! So, they were then shipped to my Uncle in Hawaii instead for his birthday. You will never go back to the original Oreo I swear. And the house smells so amazing its awesome! I used THIS RECIPE. And definitely use their tip on using less sugar. It doesn't need it and I also upped the Cocoa powder just a smidge, and went a tad bit less on the flour so they'd be doughy which the most definitely were. Soft, moist, and rich. Needless to say, this recipe is not going in the Healthy Eats page. Meh.
Recipe to be made later today: Fleur De Sel Caramels, and they too, are AMAZING. Best caramel you will ever eat. That is why i'm doing them again! Those however, did get sent to the bf :)

Friday, March 4

Lovely Days

I went back to San Fran yesterday, I'm sure you all love seeing the inside of my brothers room, not. hahahah sorry for the lousy background in that pic. But my Mom and I stopped in a Vintage Thrift shop we came across in the city and these are the pair of shoes my mom found! All for now ;)

Yes. That fog actually happened. Prettttty.
Shirt: F21, Scarf: Free People, Boots: Minnetonka/Kitten Heel Sling backs: Thrifted

Saturday, February 26

To DO, oh to DO....

My do do list for today:
1. Go to the gym and get back into my routine. It has been lost ever since my Tahoe trip with the guys. So help me!
2. Find a Reggae music channel on the music choices and listen to it all day and each morning I wake up to remind me that Spring is coming and Summer will follow. I need this to get me in the mood to get my body in shape for these seasons! (Which, to my dissatisfaction, will lead to me wearing a bathing suit. GASP).
3. Going along with the current theme of today, I need to start tanning. Unhealthy, I know, I know, but I'm doing it in moderation this year because I need a little color oomph, but I don't want to totally damage my skin as I feel I have in the past.
4. This is totally random, but I want to start knitting a scarf. A big chunky oatmeal colored cowl scarf that will wrap around my neck just so.
5. And last (maybe not last, who knows) but not least. Job. Yes, the "J" word. Let's find one.
6. Ok, and now last. I am spray painting a bottle that I thought looked cool. It's drying right now and I have no idea what I'm doing with it yet. But does anyone know those the jars used for Trader Joe's Balsamic Vinegar---the jug looking bottles with the handle. Quite big. Anyways, that's the one i'm using.

Beautiful Day today. Maybe tan worthy, despite the 45 degree air! The sun is hot :D

Thursday, February 24

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

{Sweater: boutique in S.Lake Tahoe, Jeggings: American Eagle, Boots: Minnetonka}

-Scraping every last bit of smoothie out of the blender. Nom.
-Working out in the gym while the treadmill repair guy is there!
-My fingers smelling of cilantro last night.
-My cat walking all over the table.
-Not having a job yet.
-Chasing a Macy's sales woman around this rather large pillar to ask her where I can pick up an application...you know, where you both go the same direction and can't find each other within a 6 foot radius. Ya. Awkward.
-My stomach growling
-Finally figuring out how to style my hair the right way!
-The new Sushi restaurant my brother and I found
-My new Minnetonka Boots. I am in L-O-V-E with them.
-The fact that it's going to SNOW on Friday or Saturday in the Bay Area...say what????!
-The fact that when it does snow, I will be sledding down the back hill like a 5-year old.
-Last weekend in Tahoe with my boyfriend and his friends. Yep, that most definitely makes the awesome list.
-My latest bottle project. So pretty still.

Wednesday, February 23

Pretty White Bottle Project

First, I want to thank the lovely Aura at Aura j o o n for this BRILLIANT idea!! Seriously, this creation just draws people to it and makes them admire it! It's SO easy yet so beautiful all in one. I really had fun shopping for the items and putting it together. I love projects like this, when I move I plan on filling my new apartment with beautiful crafty things like this, they make me happy :)
Second, you will need:
-A few empty bottles
-Pretty flowers of your choice
The bottles will go from this to this.
I used the same paint that Aura used, and it was perfect. I sprayed the bottles with about 3 coats. It's a slightly creamy white. Not pure white at all. It's warm and is called "heirloom white" and has a satin finish. Simply love it. I now want to spray other things with it too!!
Then add some beautiful flowers and call it done! I found these cherry blossoms, and they were wilting and dying in the car on the way home. What's wrong flowers? You didn't like being shoved into the carpet of my car for a ride? Psh. But all they wanted was some water and they perked right up and became lush again.
<3 K