Sunday, January 30


That's all.
Gone skiing today!
More to come later. (As in a real post.)

p.s. Can you see the real snowflakes in that Macro picture I took on the balcony? Love.

Friday, January 28

Comfy cozy

Sweater: McCaulous, Leggings: Avani, Shirt: F21, Boots: Steve Madden

Soo comfy. That's all.

for lack of a better post!

Who I Am...

I am...23 years old.
I want...a "real" job.
I awesome family.
I achieve my goals.
I hate...decision making!
I fear...being lonely.
I hear...the annoying news lady.
I search...for the perfect photograph to take.
I wonder...when major things in life will happen.
I major.
I boyfriend.
I ache...after running.
I always...try to be better today than yesterday.
I usually...decorate my room.
I am not...going to allow anyone to define me.
I dance...only for wii games.
I sing...when no ones around.
I never...go an hour without checking my phone.
I sometimes...act goofy.
I cry...when I worry.
I am not always...logical.
I am mean people.
I always feel confident.
I should...start outfit posts/picture taking.

Who Are You?

(Post idea from Our Love Never Fails)

Thursday, January 27

look what I found

Today I was out shopping for new running shoes at this sporting store that we have here and I came across these awesome leggings! I've been looking for really thick ones that I can wear with my outfits and they won't be see through or too thin. I'm sure anyone reading this probably has already found good thick leggings but these are the best i've found. Here's the label

You can find them here.

Wednesday, January 26

closet love.

I love building my closet. Making sure that i LOVE every single item in it is important. I purged my closet not long ago to get rid of those stupid shirts that are too short and just downright awful! {Most were even from high school..scary!} Also making sure that I can wear almost every piece I own with any other that I pick out is helpful. I'm thinking about doing Kendi's 30x30 challenge for February. But I woke up and saw the pretty sunlight coming in my room this morning which gave me the idea to give my closet a photo shoot. Weird?? I think so.
Scarfs are some of my favorite things. Couldn't live without a comfy scarf.
Belts, also a must.

Tuesday, January 25

Weight for it!

Losing weight is hard but doable! I've been on the track to getting to my goal for a few weeks now and i'm excited about it. I'm excited to wear what I want when I want and have it look good! Soon that is. Buying new workout gear to make the process more fun is always something I love! Especially lululemon. Like this jacket below.
Random picture but I love it, my little kitty <3. She doesn't want to seem to cuddle as much as I do.

All for now. Outfit posts to come. When I figure out how to use a tripod, hehe.

Saturday, January 22


I got my haircut today by Essy in the most adorable salon ever. I just loved it. Above the receptionist's desk was this awesome flower arrangement in the hanging vase...and get this: they were real. Such pretty flowers they were so I apologize for my iPhone photos because they don't do them justice. Anyways, she gave me the BEST haircut i've ever had because she blew it out at the end to give it volume with a boar's hair brush, aka, the smoothest most amazing brush i've ever used! I'm going to buy one, it did wonders for my hair. Let's just hope I can replicate how she styled my hair. It was amazing. I'm not very good at hair. Plus, i've never died my hair so it doesn't style or do much but hang straight. Can I hire a personal stylist that will come to my house everyday and do my hair after my workout please? K thanks.

Friday, January 21

things old things new

I was going through drawers of old stuff today as I am continuing to move into my room and came across some fun stuff. My vintage photos of old-time friends and TONS {i mean tons} of Christmas, Birthday, Graduation, and Confirmation cards! I also found 4 mini aqua blue Tiffany's bags...even thought I currently own 1 thing from Tiffany's. Odd? I think awesome. The prettiest discovery of all was the dried flowers {in a Tiffany's bag i might add} that I kept from my boyfriend's old anniversary gift. The living version of the flowers is the second photo! I had fun "macro-ing" them on my camera while enjoying the amazing weather we had today. Is Spring really almost here?? Feels like it but it's only January.


Blogger wants me to pull my hair out. I'm close to giving up.
The End.

Questions I have: (pretty much everything)

1. My pictures that I try to post spill over into my sidebars and it looks like a MESS. How do I size images in photoshop to make them consistent on my page.
To size the images I learned to use photoshop and go to Image>Image size and set it to Pixels. I keep my photos constant at 550 pixels to keep everything flowing. If it looks way small after resizing it, zoom in until you are viewing the photo at 100%. Then I upload to Photobucket and use the direct links from there when uploading to my posts. Note: I don't put the links directly in the post, I use the little photo icon within the post forum and then use the direct link from Photobucket.

2. What are templates and how do I use them/edit them. Should I use the template designer or just html or download a template.
For my template I started with the Minima template from blogger and then customized it to a 3-column stretch template. I did that by downloading the one provided at the end of this tutorial. Then I uploaded this downloaded template by going to Design>Edit HTML in Blogger.

3. CSS vs HTML. I know enough HTML to get me by, but this CSS stuff is all new.
Still new. hahaha
4. How should I put pictures in my Posts, with HTML links or upload them through the post.
Read above.

5. How do I move the date header to the center and change its font without changing the font of the words in my sidebars?
I found my Posts section in the html and added "text-align: center;" to the bottom. So it should look like this:
/* Posts
*/ {
margin:1.5em 0 .5em;
text-align: center;

6. What is the best way to put photos side by side (thus making it one photo) in Photoshop CS5?
Using photoshop I just would double the width of my photos and create a new document that is double the width or larger (basically just larger enough to fit my two photos side by side). I would then drag the photos into this new project and leave a white margin between them (because the background of my blog is white) and then crop them and save.
7. I have a site tracker, Clicky, but I don't know how to get it into the bottom of my page.
Haven't tried this again yet.
8. Maybe I should give up. haha.
NO! I didn't and it took hard work (for me) to figure these out but I did it!

Sincerely, So New

Wednesday, January 19


So, first post ever. Exciting! Am I jumping the gun making a post before my design is even close to being done? Hm, we'll find out. Trying to figure out the layouts and design of this all, lots of html self-teaching/re-teaching. This all gets very frustrating but at least i've got some experience from my good ole MySpace days. Whatever happened to Myspace? gonzooo.

I got my workout out of the way so I wouldn't feel guilty about spending so much time on this blog. I'm waiting until I really discover what the "theme" will shall develop eventually right? My future posts will have pictures! As I plan to take all or most of the photos I post here!

I feel ridiculous talking to no one.