Tuesday, January 25

Weight for it!

Losing weight is hard but doable! I've been on the track to getting to my goal for a few weeks now and i'm excited about it. I'm excited to wear what I want when I want and have it look good! Soon that is. Buying new workout gear to make the process more fun is always something I love! Especially lululemon. Like this jacket below.
Random picture but I love it, my little kitty <3. She doesn't want to seem to cuddle as much as I do.

All for now. Outfit posts to come. When I figure out how to use a tripod, hehe.


Roxy said...

Your kitty is cute; I've always wanted one, but mum hates animals and my sister is super scared of them {her reaction is quite funny actually}! I need to start working out soon too thank goodness there's spring before summer!