Wednesday, January 26

closet love.

I love building my closet. Making sure that i LOVE every single item in it is important. I purged my closet not long ago to get rid of those stupid shirts that are too short and just downright awful! {Most were even from high school..scary!} Also making sure that I can wear almost every piece I own with any other that I pick out is helpful. I'm thinking about doing Kendi's 30x30 challenge for February. But I woke up and saw the pretty sunlight coming in my room this morning which gave me the idea to give my closet a photo shoot. Weird?? I think so.
Scarfs are some of my favorite things. Couldn't live without a comfy scarf.
Belts, also a must.


David said...

Nice blog!

Francesca said...

Awesome! I love seeing the things in people's closets...