Saturday, January 22


I got my haircut today by Essy in the most adorable salon ever. I just loved it. Above the receptionist's desk was this awesome flower arrangement in the hanging vase...and get this: they were real. Such pretty flowers they were so I apologize for my iPhone photos because they don't do them justice. Anyways, she gave me the BEST haircut i've ever had because she blew it out at the end to give it volume with a boar's hair brush, aka, the smoothest most amazing brush i've ever used! I'm going to buy one, it did wonders for my hair. Let's just hope I can replicate how she styled my hair. It was amazing. I'm not very good at hair. Plus, i've never died my hair so it doesn't style or do much but hang straight. Can I hire a personal stylist that will come to my house everyday and do my hair after my workout please? K thanks.