Thursday, February 3

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- Weighing myself on my scale after a month of working out and not seeing one pound dropped! Are you broken scale?? I think so.
-Thinking the father of the kids you are babysitting is talking to you until you look up and see he has headphones/handsfree on and is dealing with a work conversation.
-Tucson (where I am not) being sooooo cold lately! This is Arizona right? It't 18 degrees. New record since 1910.
-Pipes freezing in Tucson and not being able to shower or brush teeth. Sorry friends!
-My brown-in-the-middle banana.
-People thinking my mom and I are sisters.
-Not having a job yet and having totally free days. I guess this could go in the Awesome haha.
-Maury that is playing in the background, I really should change that.
-Auto body shops giving me $1,200 - $1,500 quotes to fix the dent in my new car :( Which I didn't do.

-It's Thursday and almost Friday which is almost Tahoe again. Ski time.
-Doing my OWN acrylic nails. For free! (Well the kit was $10, but hey)
-My great Aunt doing way better than expected in the hospital.
-The frozen fountain picture from Tempe, Az that my brother sent this morning. Looks like it was still flowing when it froze!
-My morning coffee and Claritin/rockstar.
-The thought that I will be finally seeing weight loss results soon and can look forward to Spring and Summer, rather than dread it.
-The Stereo Love pandora station for working out.
-Dr. Oz's weight loss episode.


Sweet Green Tangerine said...

Love your blog design! Did you do it yourself?

Kate said...

ya! I started with the basic minima template and added a third column. My post explains how HERE. And thanks!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute blog! I love the font you use for post titles :)

Anonymous said...

I live an hour south of Tucson. It has been SO cold here. It's redic!