Saturday, February 5

some photos i've been taking...

To Do for today:
-Apply for more jobs
-Seek out auto body shops that are A. Open today, and B. Cheaper than the other places i've been to. (Seriously?? $1,500 for a dent the size of an orange?)
-Seek out restaurants that need servers (TIPS!)
-Try to enjoy today aside from the stress that's already in the air.
-Call boyfriend
-Shop?? Gotta use that Nordstroms gift card right? I can probably squeeze this in between looking for server jobs, what-do-ya think?
I think that should fill my day. Doesn't sound exciting what so ever. Meh. Who wants to day swap me??



Savannah said...

beautiful photos. They look fake they are so perfect!

Michelle said...

Hi Kate, lovely photos! And your blog is gorgeous. I will be following your blog as well, and looking forward to reading your future posts.

Ramsey said...

Beautiful pics...really really lovely!

Ramsey said...

Beautiful pics...really really lovely!

Renee B. said...

Whoa! These photos are AMAZING! I love the colors, so vibrant!

I gave you a Versatile Blogger Award on my blog this morning! I love reading yours and wanted to share! :) Happy Sunday!

Felicity said...

lovely pictures! did you manage to accomplish everything on your list?! i'm definitely not as ambitious as you when it comes to weekend plans! i aim low.

Kate said...

haha Renee thanks for the award! I'm gonna go check it out next! And Felicity nope sadly I didn't accomplish everything! But eventually i'm going to get to them! Thanks girls!

Anonymous said...

Love your photography girlfriend :)