Wednesday, February 23

Pretty White Bottle Project

First, I want to thank the lovely Aura at Aura j o o n for this BRILLIANT idea!! Seriously, this creation just draws people to it and makes them admire it! It's SO easy yet so beautiful all in one. I really had fun shopping for the items and putting it together. I love projects like this, when I move I plan on filling my new apartment with beautiful crafty things like this, they make me happy :)
Second, you will need:
-A few empty bottles
-Pretty flowers of your choice
The bottles will go from this to this.
I used the same paint that Aura used, and it was perfect. I sprayed the bottles with about 3 coats. It's a slightly creamy white. Not pure white at all. It's warm and is called "heirloom white" and has a satin finish. Simply love it. I now want to spray other things with it too!!
Then add some beautiful flowers and call it done! I found these cherry blossoms, and they were wilting and dying in the car on the way home. What's wrong flowers? You didn't like being shoved into the carpet of my car for a ride? Psh. But all they wanted was some water and they perked right up and became lush again.
<3 K